Mindful Reflexology

Are you feeling stressed or anxious?

Are the pressures of school/ exams/ deadlines or targets at work getting to you?

Having trouble sleeping?

Feel like you’re taking on too much juggling work and family commitments?

Does the thought of the coming long winter nights leave you feeling SAD?

Mindful reflexology may help.


Anxiety and depression present one of the greatest challenges that our society faces today.

Whilst short term stress can be beneficial, helping us to perform better, chronic and ongoing stress can lead to a multitude of health problems both physically and mentally.


It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year, and it doesn’t just affect adults. It has been reported that 1 in 4 secondary aged children (GCSE/ A-levels) and 1 in 10 junior school aged children have mental health problems too.


Mindful reflexology is delivered as a 8 week programme. We will look at some self-help techniques that are backed up by evidence as being of particular benefit. The session will incorporate a mindful breathing exercise, alongside a weekly reflexology treatment that focuses on specific reflexes to help improve mood.


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